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Nested Based Machining

Pioneer  Architectural Millwork’s advanced automated equipment allows it to create all part dimensions and machining requirements in CAD/CAM drafting and machining software.  The completed program is then downloaded into the CNC router.  No set up time is required – the sheet is placed on the CNC table and is held in place by vacuum.  The CNC then automatically performs all cutting, routing and drilling for each part.  The accuracy, speed and flexibility of this production method results in perfectly dimensioned parts cut with unmatched precision.

After the parts have been cut to size and machined by the cnc router they are then passed to the automated edgebander.  This machine mills the edge, glues on edgebanding, trims the material flush to the board surface and bevels and buffs the edges.  This process is done concurrently at 16 meters per minute – replacing what used to be a time intensive multi-step manual process requiring glue, cutting and hand tool routing.

Traditional methods manufacture cabinetry and millwork using a combination of table saws, routers and the like.  Many shops still successfully build cabinets this way but few argue that by using modern tools, more quality cabinets can be built at lower cost than even the most skilled cabinetmaker.

The advantages of nested-based manufacturing are clear:

1)     set up time is cut to almost nothing

2)     fewer people and less skilled labor is required

3)     the possibility of human error is dramatically reduced

4)     flexibility is dramatically increased, allowing for small-batch runs that wouldn’t be practical to set up for manual operations

5)     much less material handling – reducing damage potential, wasted man-hours and production bottlenecks

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